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2024 Racine and Kenosha County Intern Mixer

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welcome summer interns!

A summer internship isn’t just about putting in the work! It also involves having fun experiences in the community where you’re working.

We’d like to welcome you to the Kenosha-Racine area as you enjoy summer in southeast Wisconsin.

This event is designed to help connect local interns and new hires to each other – and introduce a variety of community amenities offered in our region.

(Check if your employer can help support the tab. Valid ID is required to purchase alcoholic beverages for those 21 and older.)
petrified springs beer garden kenosha

Attendees will:

Beginning at 4:45 p.m., the mixer will include opportunities to network with other established young professionals who have unique viewpoints on what keeps them in the area, a small group icebreaker activity, and a brief panel discussion with community ambassadors. As a bonus, starting at 6 p.m., interns can join in on trivia night at the Biergarten.

4:00 pm Registration/Check In
4:45 pm Introductions/Overview
5:00 pm Activity
5:45 pm Panel
6:00 pm End

Attendees will receive a swag bag that includes information about what makes southeast Wisconsin an attractive place to live and work.

Register as an intern/new hire by July 10th.

For any questions, please contact RCEDC’s Economic Development Specialist,
Cassandra Glenn at cglenn@rcedc.org.


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