Business Recruitment

Racine County offers distinct advantages to companies considering a site in U.S. Our central location between Chicago and Milwaukee in the upper Midwest attracts innovative advanced manufacturers, foreign-owned companies, and leading distribution firms that can easily serve markets in the Midwest, North America and across the globe.

Racine County businesses benefit from our many community assets:


  • Business-friendly communities
  • Favorable cost of doing business
  • Attractive site and building options
  • Active higher education partnerships Regional talent pipeline

Our staff provides customized site selection and technical support to help you gain more insight into our community and facilitate a successful project.

    State Corporate Income Tax Rate Comparison

    Wisconsin’s Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit essentially eliminates the tax on qualified income from manufacturing activity in the state by providing a 7.5% credit on corporate income*. The current state tax on corporate income is 7.9%. This credit is direct and non-competitive. Note: The credit is a percentage of “eligible qualified production activities income.”

    CORP. TAX1










    Sources: (1)Tax Foundation, (2) State Sales Tax Institute

    Development Tax Credits

    Companies that consider relocating, or expanding in Racine County have access to a diverse range of incentives to encourage business growth, investment and job creation. Racine County Economic Corporation (RCEDC) works with companies interested in a Racine County location to access incentive assistance to make their project a success in our community. Availability of incentives is determined by project location, capital investment and job creation. 

    Business Support Network

    The Racine County Business Support Network offers companies technical expertise and community connections to ensure a successful project. Companies gain access to a range of professional expertise, including: entity establishment, architecture and construction, banking, human resources and staffing, and accounting and logistics networks. In addition, throughout the project approval process, RCEDC staff offers customized site selection and technical support.

    Foreign Direct Investment

    If you are interested in establishing new business operations in the United States, this is a great place to start. The chapters in this guide are designed to give you an overview of what you need to know in order to successfully bring your company to the United States. Covering everything from taxes to immigration and from the workforce to business structures, the Investor Guide is a high-level view of the answers to some of the most common questions about investing in the USA.

    Relocation Resources

    Description Contact
    Land & Building SearchesAssistance with identifying potential land sites or buildings to meet the needs of your expansion or relocation project. Jordan Brown Business Recruitment Specialist, RCEDC 262-898-7444
    Talent Attraction, Development, and RetentionAccess key programs in Racine County to attract, develop and retain employees at your facility.Cassandra Glenn Economic Development Specialist, RCEDC 262-898-7438
    Research AssistanceBasic research including: economic, demographic and workforce data; market profiles and studies; and supply chain information.Laura Million Business Development Manager, RCEDC 262-898-7530
    Low-Interest LoansLow interest loans to finance real estate purchases, renovation, and new construction; equipment; furniture and fixtures; and in some cases working capital. Projects are financed in partnership with primary lenders.Wesley Walsh Business Lending Partners 262-898-7436
    State and Local IncentivesTax credits, low-interest loans, and financial assistance available through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and local municipalities to companies expanding or relocating to Wisconsin.Laura Million Business Development Manager, RCEDC 262-898-7530
    Racine County Matching GrantUp to $5,000 in grants to qualifying manufacturing, women owned, and minority owned firms to assist with business growth activities including training, consulting, and marketing. Must have less than 200 employees and less than $25M in sales.Andrea Safedis Business Lending Partners 262-898-7422
    Customized Training & Business ResourcesGTC offers access to resources to assist businesses in areas including: customized training; business planning and mentoring; product development; professional development; and technical courses and certifications.Robin Widmar Account Manager, Gateway Technical College 262-898-7548


    RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and by supporting business expansions, provide employment opportunities to Racine County residents. In 2023, RCEDC staff were able to facilitate 64 projects that included comprehensive site selection, loans, grants, and incentives resulting in $1.36 billion in private investment and $1.05 billion in new construction.


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