3/15/18 Living As A Leader, Leadership Development Series

March 05, 2018
Living As A Leader Brochure
March 15, 2018

8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

$650 for the Series materials and $475 per month for 12 months for the workshops. (Non-members add $50 per month.)

Mount Pleasant Village Hall
8811 Campus Drive, Mount Pleasant, WI

A signature service of Living As A Leader®, in colaboration with RAMAC and RCEDC, the Open Enrollment Leadership Development Series is a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. To do this we apply a multi-faceted process of training, coaching and success assurances.  The Series' learning experience is further enhanced by the use of eLearning courses and the Living As A Leader® Mobile App. 

Our process involves a combination of:
      Training + Coaching + Success Assurances

As a participant in the workshop and coaching process, leaders will develop skills to more effectively:

  1. Motivate, engage and retain employees
  2. Address difficult situations and unmet expectations by employees
  3. Maximize employee performance 
  4. Respond to the differing expectations of the emerging workforce

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