Racine County Emerges As a National Leader in Advanced Manufacturing

Prime destinations for businesses seeking to expand their operations, particularly in advanced manufacturing, technology, and logistics

Racine County stands as a beacon for those considering expansion in advanced manufacturing, technology sectors, and logistics facilities. The region’s appeal lies in its remarkable attributes, positioning it as an optimal choice for business growth and development.

Recently, Business Facilities magazine published its 19th Annual Rankings Report and Wisconsin and Southeastern Wisconsin have again ranked high in key areas including: 

  • Wisconsin has the 3rd highest manufacturing output (% of GDP).
  • Wisconsin is 6th in food processing.
  • Wisconsin is 8th in medtech/medical device manufacturing.
  • The Milwaukee area (including Racine County) 4th most affordable (over 500k pop).
Highway 11 Interchange- Racine County

The foundation of Racine County’s appeal for advanced manufacturing and logistics lies in robust infrastructure. With well-established interchanges and utilities, the area boasts a reliable backbone for operational success.

Shovel-ready sites and speculative industrial buildings expedite operations set-up. These prepped and primed locations mitigate the challenges of land clearance and regulatory complexities, allowing businesses to initiate their activities with little or no delay. This streamlined process significantly reduces costs, and time to market.

Shovel-ready Sites in Racine County

In addition, the business-friendly environment is a pivotal asset of Racine County. The region demonstrates a proactive commitment to supporting business growth, offering various incentives, workforce development programs, and a supportive network of organizations, including the Wisconsin Economic Development CorporationMilwaukee 7, local municipalities and Gateway Technical College dedicated to aiding expansion initiatives. Such initiatives foster an environment conducive to innovation, productivity, and long-term sustainability for companies establishing or expanding their presence.

Is your company considering location options in Southeast Wisconsin? Explore Racine County options by calling Jordan Brown, RCEDC’s Business Recruitment Specialist, at 262-898-7444.


For more information on available shovel-ready sites and the attractive incentives offered in Racine County, please don’t hesitate to contact Jordan Brown. Jordan is your go-to resource for in-depth details, tailored guidance, and any questions you may have regarding expanding your business in the dynamic and business-friendly Racine County. 


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