Companies of all sizes, from all across the world are choosing to invest in Racine County. Since establishing their presence here in the 90's, Ashley Capital's Gary Rosecrans and Lee & Associates' John Sharpe quickly realized the value of doing business in Racine County.

racine county corridor map

Over the past several decades, Racine County – particularly within the I-94 corridor – has become a hub for commercial real estate development. Professionals in the industry recognize the advantageous location with a welcoming government and a growing talent pipeline – making Racine County an attractive location for investment.


This rising popularity was on display recently at the Southeast Wisconsin Real Estate Expo, which took place at the SC Johnson Gateway Technical College iMet Center. The event was hosted by RCEDC, Ashley Capital and Lee & Associates.


Since establishing their presence in Racine County, both Ashley Capital and Lee & Associates have become advocates for the region’s commercial development benefits.

“Ashley is in Racine County because this is a market where there is a lot of velocity for industrial properties, there’s a lot of absorption, there’s a lot of big transactions and it’s been a great place to invest."
gary rosecrans vice president at ashley capital chicago office
Gary Rosecrans
Vice President | Ashley Capital Chicago Office
“If you don’t know what’s happening in this area then you’re missing out. This is where your clients are looking for property.
Industrial Broker | Lee & Associates

Ashley Capital is a real estate development firm, which established its presence in Racine County in the mid-90s by developing the Yorkville Business Center. According to Rosecrans, the project has always been successful, so they wanted to build upon that experience. In 2015, Ashley Capital acquired land in Sturtevant, just east of I-94 and just north of Highway 11. This has since become the 136-acre site of Enterprise Business Park.

According to Sharpe, Racine County is becoming the epicenter of two major markets merging, Milwaukee and Chicago.


Sharpe said, “If you’re looking to expand your business or relocate your business or even start a business, Racine County has the tools to make your business successful.”

RCEDC provides commercial real estate professionals with an abundance of tools to analyze Racine County properties, workforce, logistics and communities.

Those looking to take the next step to investing in Racine County should contact RCEDC’s business recruitment specialist Jordan Brown at



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