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It is a mathematical certainty there will not be enough people in the workforce to fill all of the open jobs in America for the next decade. With Baby Boomers retiring at a rate of more than 10,000 per day, companies need to act fast and smart to make sure they attract and retain all the talent they need. There will be winners and losers.


This workshop will focus on zero-cost, process-based, new idea strategies to recruit, retain, and develop great employees for your organization. Will your organization thrive or stagnate? The choice is yours to make.

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Additionally, everyone who registers will receive a copy of Chris Czarnik's latest book, Winning the War for Talent.


Chris Czarnik is a national career search expert with 15 years of HR, training and motivational speaking experience. He created and refined the innovative approach to job search, known as “The Human Search Engine®” by working with thousands of job-seekers.

Chris’ process was introduced to the 113th Congress as a national job search model. In Sept of 2016 the US Congress adopted this process as their outplacement tool for outgoing members and their staff. Chris serves as a Subject Matter Expert on career choice and career change for the largest publisher in the country and on recruiting and developing talent for Vistage, a community of 23,000 business leaders across the country.

Chris delivers dynamic presentations about career search, soft skills and talent attraction to thousands of people every year. His third book, “Winning the War for Talent: How to Recruit, Retain and Develop Great Employees” was released in June of 2018. It now serves as a hiring and retention model for more than 2,500 organizations across the country.

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Interactive networking session hosted by RCEDC and Newaukee. This is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and leaders who are also seeking to enhance the talent recruitment and retention culture in Racine County.

RCEDC’s Talent Recruitment Specialist, Kate Walker, will provide a thought-provoking presentation about how RCEDC has been utilizing Racine County’s quality of life aspects to recruit talent from Northern Illinois.

An all-star lineup of talent experts will provide 30 minutes worth of specialized content for you to digest and facilitate within your own organization. Upon registration, please identify which breakout room you would initially like to be placed in.

Return from breakout rooms and consolidate experiences as a whole group. You will review the results of event polls, follow up with your experts and learn how to take home all materials covered during the event.


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  • Talent Recruitment & Retention in Racine County

    Join Talent Recruitment Specialist Kate Walker, as she explores how to utilize quality of life and lower cost of living to recruit talent from outside the area.

  • Why Great Employees Can't Find You

    You think there are no great employees out there – you're wrong! Chris Czarnik, one of the nation’s top talent experts, is bringing his expertise to you. Learn different ways to recruit, engage and retain great talent!

  • Fool-Proof Formula for Having Uncomfortable Conversations

    Sit down with expert leadership coach, Aleta Norris, and discover the methodology and critical thinking on how to approach difficult conversations with employees.

  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

    Join diversity and inclusion expert, Michelle Hyde, as she helps awareness of biases to positively impact our interactions with others in the workplace.


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