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City of Burlington seeks RFP for airport management services

by Jeremy Williamson

Burlington Municipal Airport

The City of Burlington is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Airport Management Services, including, but not limited to: Conduct or provide for daily/weekly inspections of all airport physical properties; personally make or direct others to make routine repairs, replacements, and improvements
in a timely and efficient manner; requisition from the City or purchase small equipment, fuel, and supplies required in daily operation and maintenance; keep accurate records; meeting attendance when requested; and act as a Liaison between the City and Aeronautical Community.

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The services under the proposed contract will begin on or about August 1, 2023.

burlington wisconsin airport runway
Burlington Municipal Airport seeks RFP for airport services

submittal requirements

Please submit the following information in a sealed envelope labeled “Airport Manager RFP” to:

City of Burlington
Carina Walters, City Administrator
300 N. Pine Street
Burlington, WI 53105
or cwalters@burlington-wi.gov
Please do not send your proposal via FAX

proposal schedule

The following chart shows the schedule of events to prepare the Service Provider’s proposal. The key events and deadlines for this process are as follows, some of which are set forth in more detail in later sections of this document:

City issues Request for Proposals. 26-May-23
Deadline for submission of questions related to RFP 20-Jun-23
Deadline for Submittal of Proposals 4:30 pm 23-Jun-23
Potential Airport Committee / City Council review and possible action to approve a proposal and contract July/ August 2023


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