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EVENT: Approach Difficult Conversations with Confidence – Virtual Workshop

by Jeremy Williamson

about the event

Many people struggle with communication in the workplace, especially when faced with others’ poor performance or behavior.

In this virtual workshop, Living As A Leader facilitator, Patrice McGuire will discuss how the natural human tendency is to default to disrespectful communication. To help combat these tendencies, she will introduce tools to help you communicate more effectively.

RCEDC and RAMAC have partnered together to offer this sample virtual workshop as part of the Living as a Leader Development Course offered to start March 10th, 2022. Patrice’s workshop is just one of the 12 topics covered during the course.

about the speaker

Patrice has more than 25 years of human resource and training experience, working with leaders at all levels from financial services, manufacturing, retail, engineering and service organizations.

In 2004, Patrice joined the Living As A Leader® team as a facilitator and leadership coach. She focuses on working in-house with leaders to provide workshop facilitation, coaching and consulting services. Patrice has been a certified instructor in many disciplines, including accountability, communication, performance management, coaching, feedback, team development and leadership development.

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