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Ethnic Minority Emergency Grant (extended deadline – May 26)

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Helping Minority-Owned Micro-Businesses Weather the Storm

To help ethnic minority-owned micro-businesses cope with the economic impact of COVID-19, the Ethnic Minority Emergency Grant Initiative is being launched with a total of $2 million to be made available to 1,000 Wisconsin micro-businesses.

A business may apply for a one-time grant of $2,000 for short-term operations assistance through Wisconsin’s Collective Ethnic and Diverse Organizations. Applicants will be subject to underwriting, and grant recipients will be required to submit a report indicating how the funds were used. Applications will be accepted from May 18-26, 2020.


  • Located in Wisconsin. The owner can reside in another state. 
  • At least 51% ethnic minority-owned.
  • Operating through Feb. 29, 2020. 
  • No more than five (5) or less full-time equivalent employees (including the owner). 
  • Operates in the retail, service or hospitality industries. 
  • Not received assistance through the Small Business 20/20 Program or SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

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