Financing & Lending

Business Lending Partners (BLP)

Business Lending Partners (BLP)

Business Lending Partners (BLP) is the Business Finance Division of RCEDC. BLP assists companies within Racine County through the administration of several fixed rate, long-term Revolving Loan Fund Programs. BLP also partners with financial institutions throughout the State of Wisconsin to offer financing through the SBA 504 Loan Program. BLP has been operating as a dividion since 1983 and is the only Certified Development Company (CDC) headquartered in Southeast Wisconsin.

Benefits of loans from BLP

No Application Fees
Weekly Loan Committee Meetings
Low equity requirement
Attractive interest rates
Flexible loan terms
Long-term fixed rate options
Dedicated Staff and Resources


SBA 504

Working together with the SBA and our lending partners, we are able to provide growing businesses throughout Wisconsin with affordable, long-term, fixed rate financing to expand operations and create job opportunities. The SBA 504 loan program partners with your financial institution to create an attractive financing package to benefit your business.

Typical Project Structure

Your Financial Institution typically provides 50% of the funding needed

The SBA 504 Loan provides up to 40% financing with a maximum dollar amount of:

  • $5 Million; or
  • $5.5 Million for most manufacturing companies or projects that meet SBA’s energy goals

The Business Owner typically provides 10% equity towards the total project cost.

An additional 5% equity is required for each of the following situations

  • If the business has been operating less than two years since its first sale
  • If SBA is financing a single purpose building (gas station, hotels, etc.)

Eligible Use of Funds

  • Land acquisition and site improvements
  • Building purchase, expansion or renovation
  • Building construction
  • Equipment purchase and installation
  • Associated costs, such as title searches, appraisals, environmental reports, furniture and fixtures, etc.
  • Expenditures prior to loan approval can be included, as long as they are directly attributable to the project
  • Real estate and equipment refinancing


Racine County Matching Grant Program (MGP)


Through funding from the County of Racine, a Matching Grant Program (MGP) was established with the goal of providing a means for existing small and medium sized companies to obtain the professional services necessary for a strong foundation for continued business growth and to provide jobs for Racine County residents.
The MGP offers grants of 50% of the funding need or up to $5,000, whichever is less, to assist eligible Racine County businesses.

Step #1: All of the following must apply

  • Are you a for-profit Racine County company?
  • Operating for more than 1 year?
  • Have less than 200 employees in Racine County?
  • Grossed less than $25 Million in US sales in 2016?
  • Working with a Partner Organization?

- RCEDC     - Gateway Technical College

- RAMAC    - Eligible Independent Consultant


Step #2: One of the following must apply

  • Are you a manufacturing company?
  • Are you an ethnic-minority owned company?
  • Are you a woman-owned company?
  • Are you a veteran-owned company?
  • Were you recruited by RCEDC with the intent to establish manufacturing operations here?