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RCEDC 2018-19 Progress Report

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RCEDC celebrated its 36th year of providing economic development services in Racine County

In 2002, hundreds of Racine County community leaders convened to develop and adopt the first Racine County Economic Development Plan. The Plan recognized that no single organization would be able to accomplish all that was required, so five lead organizations were identified and assigned challenges to accomplish.

The RCEDC Leadership Council updated RCEDC’s portion of the Plan in 2016 for a three-year implementation. While there is still much work to be done, this Progress Report confirms the continual impact in Racine County.

We believe that successful economic development organizations must be solution-driven, goal oriented and have measurable results. Over the past year, we helped 21 businesses with expansion and recruitment projects as well as provided micro-funding assistance to 29 small businesses. When the projects are completed, they will result in new tax revenue for Racine County and employment opportunities for its residents.

In 2018, the successes were accomplished with the assistance of nearly $7 million in grants and incentives and $9.2 million in low interest loans. We appreciate the confidence that these businesses have in RCEDC to play a part in their growth strategies.

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