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Altus Vinyl Lease Continues Growth at Belle City Square

by Alison Howen

City of Racine, WI – Altus Vinyl, a local manufacturer, recently renewed its lease in Belle City Square, helping advance the redevelopment of the former Horlick Malted Milk Factory into Belle City Square.

In 2010, Richard and Christine Burt purchased the assets of Dynaseal with financial support provided by the City of Racine, RCEDC, and WWBIC. Dynaseal manufactured vinyl products, including business card holders, book jackets, binders as well as retail display products. Shortly after purchasing Dynaseal’s assets, the Burts formed Altus Vinyl, and the company began its operations in a leased facility in Olsen Industrial Park.

In 2014, Altus Vinyl relocated to its current location at the former Horlick Malted Milk Factory, which allowed the company to double its workforce to 25 employees. In 2021, a change in ownership occurred when Mary Strupp purchased Altus Vinyl from Richard and Christine Burt. Mary views Racine and Belle City Square (the former Horlick Malted Milk Factory) as an ideal hub for customers and employees. She is steadfast in her commitment to the Racine location and Altus Vinyl’s devoted workforce.

As the new owner of Altus Vinyl, LLC, I am delighted to be part of the Racine business community,” says Mary Strupp. “I’m proud of what Altus Vinyl has accomplished over the last 10 years at this historic landmark location. It’s truly remarkable to witness the evolution of the company. Our commitment is to our customers and to sustaining our loyal workforce. Remaining in the City of Racine and now being part of Belle City Square’s redevelopment holds promise for our company and other local businesses.”

Altus Vinyl is the first business to sign a lease in the multi-use commercial space at Belle City Square. Remaining in the 20,000 SF space allows Altus Vinyl to continue expanding its operations which includes shipping 15-16 pallets of product per week.

Soon to join Altus Vinyl as the second operating business at Belle City Square is The Inclusive Bean, a coffee shop designed to create opportunities for adults with cognitive, physical, or other disabilities. Josh Jeffers of J. Jeffers & Co., developer of the Belle City Square redevelopment, alongside Mayor Cory Mason, recently handed over the keys to Amelia and Max Fahnrich, owners of The Inclusive Bean coffee shop. The Inclusive Bean is set to open in March.

Belle City Square, a $210 million redevelopment, is transforming a 16-acre industrial brownfield in Racine into a vibrant mixed-use hub. This community-driven initiative includes diverse housing, collaborative spaces, equitable employment, and commercial amenities. Scheduled to be completed by 2026, it prioritizes below-market lease terms alongside growth resources to impactful community organizations, B Corps, and others. Businesses seeking to launch or expand their operations can contact Belle City Square via email at lwogan@jjeffers.com.


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