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Atmosphere Collaborative Space

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Answering the demand for co-working spaces

As the modern business landscape continues to change, demand for co-working spaces has increased, and Jessica Omelian plans to fill that need with the opening of Atmosphere Collaborative Space at 829 Wisconsin Ave. in Racine. With the closure of Gateway’s LaunchBox announced for November, the need for local co-working space is anticipated to grow even further as those members seek a new workspace. Atmosphere will feature a large collaborative workspace along with three private conference rooms in order to accommodate a variety of needs. The goal of this space is collaboration, which will be partly accomplished through events at Atmosphere that highlight members’ skills and successes.

“Once again, working with BLP has allowed me to lend to a local business that I would have otherwise been unable to do conventionally. They are a great lending partner and offer a variety of financing options that allow our clients to reinvest their cash into growing their business. It’s truly a win-win for everyone. The staff is professional and hard-working. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Barry Fries, Commercial Relationship Manager, Johnson Bank

There are annual, monthly, and daily memberships available with varying rates. Unlike much of their competition, Atmosphere will be available 24/7 for members. Other benefits include access to office equipment like printers and scanners and regular events and workshops.

The facility will be managed by its owner, Jessica Omelia. Ms. Omelian is also licensed as a Real Estate Advisor for Shorewest Realtors where she has worked since January 2017. She plans to remain a Real Estate agent while managing Atmosphere.

BLP has partnered with Johnson Bank to assist with the financing. Funds were made available from a City of Racine Loan Fund. The primary goal of this fund is to help businesses reduce their cash payment towards building and equipment purchases. Businesses qualify for this attractive loan program by providing a benefit to the community such as creating jobs, purchasing and occupying a vacant building or similar benefit.

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