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Building Waters’ Growth Leads to Purchase of Building

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a full-service plumbing company

Building Waters, Inc. (Building Waters), founded in 2011 by Wesley Rosenberg, as a full-service plumbing company. From the year Building Waters opened to October 2015, Wes operated the business out of his personal residence. Due to a large growth in business, Building Waters rented part of a warehouse at 2101 Lathrop Avenue in October 2015 and completed a build-out of the space including signage and multiple office spaces. In March 2017 Wes discovered the building was being sold; having invested a significant amount of money into the building, he decided to purchase it.

The building includes two commercial spaces, one of which was leased to Prairie Side Veterinary prior to its recent relocation. Building Waters plans to expand into that space.

With the help of BLP (Business Lending Partners), the business finance division of RCEDC, and the City of Racine loan program, Wes purchased 2101 and 2111 Lathrop Avenue in the City of Racine. Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending at Tri City National Bank, James Hauser said,

“I never hesitate to get BLP involved whenever my clients can benefit from their partnership. Building Waters is the embodiment of the typical Racine area small business –talented, tough, and hard-working. They deserved a lending structure that best served their interests, and with BLP, we delivered it.”

Covering Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Waukesha Counties, Building Waters specializes in handling commercial plumbing including 24/7 emergencies for their clients. They have also added HVAC and commercial refrigeration services. Since the business was established, Building Waters, Inc. has grown from 1 employee to 11. As part of the company’s next planned expansion, 3 FTE employees are expected to be added.

Wesley Rosenberg is active in the day to day operation of the business and is involved in the quoting and coordination of plumbing jobs. Wes remarked, “I felt honored that BLP had the confidence in our business that we would continue to grow and add local employees to our team. They support the growth of local businesses in our community and working with them was a breeze. I am truly grateful.”

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