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Burlington’s Investment in RCEDC

by Jeremy Williamson

An established RCEDC, Burlington partnership has led to incredible growth and created amazing opportunities

The City of Burlington and RCEDC have been partnering on economic and community development projects since the early 1990’s. Through this team effort, the City has been able to site a new business park, reclaim its riverfront for higher value development, retain its historic character of the downtown, assist growing businesses, and attract new business and development.

Businesses are attracted to communities with healthy, active commerce and especially communities that capitalize incentives to attract new development. Burlington leadership realized this, and over the years established numerous loan and grant programs.

Capital is finite and businesses try to preserve it for operations. Recognizing this, Burlington and RCEDC established an attractive loan program that requires only 10% down payment and below market interest rates to helps businesses expand, while retaining more capital for operations.

Tim and Claire Sullivan, owners of the Low Daily brewing company, were approved for two Burlington/RCEDC programs – one as a $100,000 low-interest loan and second as a $15,000 grant – both to use for working capital and startup expenses.

Another downtown business owner, Bevin Dawson, purchased the former Coaches building. A once beautiful historic building was in dire need of renovation. Now called The Loop Commons, the extensive renovation project was assisted with a $13,000 grant.

David Thompson, owner of Clinical Psychology Associates, tapped into the same grant to assist his renovation project. A grant for $10,000 allowed the company to combine two locations into one new location just south of downtown.

And the list goes on.

In addition to administering Burlington’s financial programs, RCEDC works closely with Burlington leadership and local businesses to provide talent recruitment and retention resources.

Several Burlington companies have used RCEDC’s talent recruitment program, referred to as Greater Racine County (GRC), to market their company and job openings. These business profiles and job openings are broadcast, through digital ad campaigns, to Racine County as well as to northern Illinois markets through a partnership with Real Racine.

Lavelle Industries, LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles, Reesman Company, and Wanasek Corporation are all listed on the GRC website, providing these companies opportunities to promote themselves to their future talent.

Burlington is one of eight Racine County communities that annually partner with RCEDC for its economic development activities:

  • City of Burlington
  • City of Racine
  • Village of Caledonia
  • Village of Mount Pleasant
  • Village of Sturtevant
  • Village of Union Grove
  • Village of Waterford
  • Village of Yorkville
Jenny Trick


If you want to learn more about Burlington, or other Racine County communities and their investment in RCEDC, please contact Jenny Trick at 262-898-7424 or jtrick@rcedc.org.

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