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City of Racine launches nine public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the community

by Jeremy Williamson

The City of Racine launched nine Wi-Fi hotspots around the city offering free, public Wi-Fi.

RACINE — As part of the City’s efforts to bring publicly accessible, free, high-speed internet to our residents, eight locations throughout the community plus Main Street in the Downtown now have internet access points available for the community to use.

The new locations offering high-speed internet are as follows:

“It has always been part of our Smart City goals to be able to provide free internet access to the community. With most of our children learning virtually, now it’s more important than ever to create new ways for families to access the internet,” said Mayor Cory Mason. “This is just the first phase of several as we continue to build out our network, but I am excited about the opportunities this creates for our residents.”

The access points are rated to cover an area of about 100 meters from their locations, however signal strength can vary depending on obstruction from buildings and trees. Residents looking to connect their devices to the City WiFi on their devices should look a network named “Racine Public WiFi”. As the City continues to build out its fiber network, future phases will add more WiFi access points throughout the community.


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