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Foxconn 2020 Smart Manufacturing in Wisconsin

by Jeremy Williamson


Over the span of another year, Foxconn has achieved several milestones thanks to the dedication and resolve of our workforce. We are proud that amid global uncertainty and an economic downturn, Foxconn has demonstrated a commitment to making business work in Wisconsin.

Despite challenging circumstances, Foxconn’s Wisconsin operation may soon become a top manufacturer of data infrastructure in the United States. As a contract manufacturer, Foxconn has found business opportunities with companies interested in purchasing products made in the United States with supply chain security peace of mind. As this business continues to grow, so too
will Wisconsin’s reputation for being a manufacturer of data infrastructure. This will stand along-side our state’s reputation for being the country’s leading industry supplier of paper, cheese, motorcycles, beer, fabricated metal products, machinery and of course, championship winning football.

Foxconn Globe

Our business pursuits are not limited to just data infrastructure. Foxconn’s 3+3 corporate vision, will give us the ability to explore new industries such as electric vehicle, digital health, and robotics using AI, semiconductor and 5G technologies. Like any business, we will be subject to market demand.

But our advantage lies in our Wisconsin workforce and the company’s smart manufacturing capabilities that make business possible here within the United States.

Our challenges have been real. Our successes and contributions at times overlooked. But the future remains bright for our company in Wisconsin and as we look to the new year, exciting times are to come. Our presence in Wisconsin has already caught the attention of other businesses and investors who share our vision for a Park that is sustainable for business and community growth. This will make our Park, the region, and our state a new hub for next-generation technological product design, smart manufacturing, and services.

This document is dedicated to the men and women at Foxconn and within the community who have worked endlessly throughout the year to drive business and bring to reality the overall vision of this generational project.

To a New Year!

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