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Seda North America Expands

by Jeremy Williamson

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI — Through a strong established partnership, Seda North America (Seda) will expand its Mount Pleasant operations, providing more jobs for Racine County citizens, more revenue for the Racine County economy, and a longer lasting warm cup of coffee for your drive to work in the morning.

Seda, an Italian owned company, specializes in designing innovative solutions for the food service (i.e. your warm cup of coffee), food products, and the ice cream and dairy segments. In 2010, with the assistance of RCEDC, Racine County, the Village of Mount Pleasant, and the state of Wisconsin, Seda established a 323,000 sq ft location in Mount Pleasant. After five years of rapid growth and development, Seda built an additional 125,000 sq ft facility, and now they are ready to expand even further.

“Seeing a successful organization like Seda North America flourish in Racine County is exciting. Seda’s continued job growth and investment locally reinforce the value of a location in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. We are honored to be a part of this expansion project and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Seda.”

Laura Million
RCEDC Business Development Manager

Seda’s most recent expansion includes the addition of office and training facilities and investment in new production equipment, resulting in the creation of 29 jobs bringing Seda’s total employment to 245 positions in Racine County.

SEDA is a prime example of how the RCEDC Revolving Loan Fund can be used to help growing businesses obtain the financial assistance necessary to not only expand but return revenue and opportunity back to the community.

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