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Racine’s Tech-Prize Events Designed to Foster Innovation

by Jeremy Williamson


The history of Racine is marked by innovation and bold ideas.

Tech-Prize renews this spirit of ingenuity by bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators from across the country to showcase new ideas and inventions in Downtown Racine. Hundreds of tech pioneers will line the shops and businesses of the Racine community to showcase their inventions and vie for cash awards. Expert judges and the general public will be casting their ballots for the most innovative products. This first biennial event will be held September 10 through 18, 2021.



If you are an entrepreneur who has developed your idea and is at the Ready-to-Launch stage, this Competition for you. Pitch your idea and seek funding, assistance, or mentoring to launch their idea. We want to enable your truly great idea in the world through this Pitch Competition. VC investors and businesses will be present to listen to your pitch. Great ideas are expected to receive offers to help enable the launch of the product or service. In addition, the competition itself will hone the “Pitch” for the individual or team, provide cash awards, space for business start-up, mentoring, and legal assistance to help enable your start-up for the top three winners.


During the Tech-Prize event, we will host an Idea Competition to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and bring inspiring engineers to Racine. All you need to compete is an idea for an innovation, product, service, or solution that addresses a SMART City initiative. Participants have the opportunity to get creative, present their entrepreneurial ideas to the public and private judges. Competitors should expect to gain knowledge on how to turn ideas into opportunities, obtain feedback on ideas, develop networks, and get exposure to potential investors.




You may be an expert coder, a newbie, or have never coed in life, this competition is for you. Register for the event and we will assign you to a team. We will make sure that each team has a good balance of skills. You will have two full days to complete a coding project based on the Racine SMART City initiative. This coding event will offer talented programmers the opportunity to measure their capabilities and to compare themselves to other programmers. The entry-level participants will learn coding, the application development process, and exciting technologies.

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