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Union Grove Small Business Relief Program

by Jeremy Williamson

0% Interest Loans Up To $5,000

The purpose of this program is to assist Union Grove businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 and support business retention until the economy stabilizes. This program is now available with 0% interest, three-month deferral, and up to $5,000 for businesses in the Village of Union Grove. The structure was intentionally created to provide an expedited application and disbursement process. This will help support businesses affected by COVID-19 with immediate cash needs until the economy stabilizes.

"Union Grove’s small businesses play a crucial role as the backbone of our community and we knew quick action, along with creative thinking, was going to be necessary from our board. With the help of RCEDC, we were able to create a 0% small business loan program we hope local businesses will find helpful. It was our goal to make these loans simple to apply for and to make the money available right away."
mike aimone union grove village president
Mike Aimone
Union Grove Village President

The fundamental requirements of this program are:

  • For-profit businesses
  • Located in the Village of Union Grove
  • At least one year in business

Please send completed applications to andrea@blp504.org.

Administration of the new loan program will be provided by RCEDC’s business finance team, Business Lending Partners. If additional financial resources are required by the business, RCEDC staff will provide additional assistance.

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