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2023 Spring Greater Racine County Familiarization Tour – Western Racine County

by Jeremy Williamson

Registration Now Open for the 2023 Greater Racine County familiarization tour


Professionals throughout southeast Wisconsin are invited to explore Racine County as part of the Spring 2023 Greater Racine County Familiarization Tour.

Many of the HR Professionals with Racine County Companies may not live in Racing County and/or may not be aware of the great assets available in the community. As part of the Spring 2023 GRC Familiarization Tour, professionals from Southeast Wisconsin will experience firsthand the opportunities available for talent living in, working in, and relocating to Racine County.

The goal of this tour is to provide local recruitment and human resource professionals with a well-rounded understanding of the elements that make Racine County such a great place for employees to live and work.

RCEDC’s West Racine County Bus Tour will showcase current and upcoming housing developments, education, local parks, experience walking through the thriving downtown Burlington, and hearing firsthand from locals their experiences living and working here. Limited seating is available!


Lunch will be provided by the Waterford High School Culinary program. 

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