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CCB Technology chooses to remain, grow in Racine County

Company keeps nearly 50 jobs in Racine County

by Jeremy Williamson
The Village of Mount Pleasant is home to an exciting success story, CCB Technology an IT solutions and software provider. The company recently acquired its new, larger headquarters at 8411 Corporate Drive in Mount Pleasant, WI. This step showcases the company’s growth and underscores the value of doing business in Racine County.
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CEO Patrick Booth, the driving force of CCB Technology’s visionary journey, shares insights into the transformative move and the significance of remaining within Racine County:

“We were in search of more than just a building – we sought a place that would inspire our team each day. A location near major interstates was crucial to facilitate easy access for our employees from Kenosha, Oak Creek, and Milwaukee. Furthermore, we wanted to maintain a central position within Racine, and being situated alongside the Image Management YMCA and the new park was an added bonus. We couldn’t be happier with this location.”

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President, Logan McCoy and CEO & Owner, Patrick Booth inside their new Mount Pleasant facility at 8411 Corporate Dr.

The path to discovering the ideal facility wasn’t without its challenges.

“It was a difficult process, sifting through various properties. However, when we found this building, it was evident that it perfectly aligned with our needs. We knew we had found the right place,” Patrick emphasized.

CCB’s deep connection to Racine County is as genuine as it is historic. Founded in Racine, the company’s roots run deep within the community. After the passing of Patrick’s father Chris Booth, who founded the company, the community’s outpouring of support was profound and heartwarming.

“The encouragement and support I received from the community after my father’s passing were overwhelming. It became unequivocally clear that CCB needed to remain in Racine County. This is more than just business; it’s about building an exciting future together right here,” Patrick remarked.

The new headquarters not only enables CCB to maintain strong local ties but also to actively support the community.

Patrick shares, “The community rallied around us during our search for a new building, offering ideas and suggestions. To give back, we donated a substantial amount of furniture from our previous facility to nonprofit organizations in Racine and Kenosha.”

The tie between CCB Technology and Racine County is symbiotic.

“Racine County is not just where we do business; it’s home. I am passionate about shining a positive light on Racine, and together, we can elevate the county’s profile within Southeast Wisconsin,” Patrick passionately expressed.

The successful acquisition and establishment of CCB’s new home involved the dedication of local individuals and organizations, fostering collaboration and community spirit:

The new CCB Technology headquarters spans 9,000 square feet, accommodating the company’s growing needs. CCB Technology’s successes serves as a great example of why other mid-size businesses should consider Racine County. The company’s journey showcases community support, abundance of resources, and the profound sense of belonging that characterizes the region.
ccb technology ceo patrick booth and president logan mccoy

Looking ahead, CCB Technology’s new chapter begins with an unwavering commitment to its roots and an inspiring vision for the future. While expansion plans aren’t on the horizon for now, the company’s steadfast dedication to Racine County remains an enduring pledge.

Deputy Director of RCEDC, Laura Million, shares her perspective on this remarkable endeavor: “CCB’s decision to stay and grow in Racine County exemplifies the thriving business ecosystem we’ve built here. It’s a testament to the collaborative spirit of our community and the unparalleled opportunities this region offers.”

laura million

The sentiment is echoed by Village of Mount Pleasant President, Dave DeGroot, who remarks: “CCB Technology’s investment in our community is a clear indicator of Mount Pleasant’s appeal as a business destination. Their decision to remain here reinforces the value we place on local partnerships.”

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The CCB Technology team welcomes the entire Racine County business community to help celebrate the grand opening of the new facility on October 5th from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. The theme of the event is Oktoberfest. Additionally, CCB has partnered with the Racine County Food Bank and asks those attending to bring a non-perishable food item to donate at the event.

No RSVP is required for the event. If you have any questions about the event, please contact customer.care@ccbtechnology.com


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