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Greater Racine County Talent Recruitment Campaign

Growing Racine County's Talent Pool Together

by Jeremy Williamson

Seeking additional partners

The goal of the Greater Racine County initiative is to meet the talent needs of our employers by bringing more professionals to Racine County. We do this by delivering advertising messages of career and life opportunities.

RCEDC partnered with local companies to develop, implement and manage a digital advertising campaign, reaching primarily qualified audiences in Northern Illinois.

RCEDC was awarded a 50% matching grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to refresh the Greater Racine County brand and continue digital ad promotion in Northern Illinois. Implementation started January 2023. All funds have been expended and grant activities will continue through October 2023.

RCEDC is looking to continue the campaign in 2024 by leveraging business investments to apply for a WEDC grant. Employers throughout Racine County who are interested in benefitting from this campaign, please contact RCEDC’s Deputy Director, Laura Million at lmillion@rcedc.org.



TIME TO MOVE UP - live a life you can afford to enjoy



CAMPAIGN RESULTS (January - August 2023)


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Website Improvements

New website design focuses solely on delivering messages of work and life opportunities – driving most website traffic to either the job board or the communities page.

Expanding the Reach

As the campaign continues to evolve according to the parameters, more people are receiving ads who are likely to engage with them. Since January, the campaign has reached 730k unique people.

More Money Towards Ads

By developing and implementing nearly the entire campaign in-house, RCEDC was able to put more money into ad delivery, providing greater results.

Three New Videos

Thanks to the participation of Spee Dee Packaging, Modine Manufacturing, and Twin Disc, the campaign can deliver three new videos.


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