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Racine County Residents Can Help Get Broadband in the Community

by Jeremy Williamson

Taking a simple internet speed test will identify areas of need

Access to broadband is vital for the economic health and growth of Wisconsin. Yet many homes and businesses have no broadband access or internet service speeds that fall below FCC standards.

State and federal grants are available to bring broadband to underserved areas around the state, but in order to tap into those grants the state must identify those areas of greatest need.

To help ensure broadband access, RCEDC is working with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and partners statewide to roll out a simple internet speed test. We are asking residents and businesses to take the test to help establish where support is needed.

wedc broadband speed test

“Access to broadband will help Wisconsin attract companies and workers, and broadband is critical for those working or doing schoolwork from home or trying to access services online,” said Missy Hughes, WEDC Secretary and CEO. “But we can’t do this without the help of Wisconsinites statewide. We need as many of us as possible to take a very easy internet speed test.”

The test will help determine where internet speeds are below FCC standards and where the state needs to focus on building the broadband infrastructure.

To take the test, residents and businesses simply need to visit https://expressoptimizer.net/public/, from their home or work location, by May 8, 2022. It will only take a few moments and personal information is always protected and never shared.

Even those residents without internet access can help by logging onto the site from a friend’s home or the local library. Click on “Enter an address with No Available Service” to complete the survey.


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    John Holma June 20, 2022 - 9:50 pm

    I live in Rochester outside of the village with my current TDS DSL previously being the only internet option available….until just recently.
    After hundreds of millions of tax dollars spent by the state, I now have Spectrum “available” to my address. The service is on the pole across from my driveway. Got the quote to have the service run to my house for hook up.
    Only a little under $8000 to run the 456 feet…..,and Spectrum picks up the first $4000 so only $3800 or so my cost plus the extra cost to and into my house! Spectrum and state gov. now can show my address and others along Maple Rd has high speed internet available but sure does not mean it is actually affordable to be able to access it. (but I can be extra pleased knowing my tax dollars will be paying for the “available access” throughout the state anyway)


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