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Racine County’s Premiere Location Leads to Expansion for Poclain

by Jeremy Williamson

YORKVILLE, WI — The world’s leading specialist in hydrostatic transmissions, Poclain Hydraulics, Inc., established a North American headquarters in Racine County over 20 years ago and continues to benefit from its location in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor.

“The benefits of being located in Racine County played a huge role in our ability to expand. The location, access to qualified talent and community engagement are all benefits that coincide with this Racine County location.”

Markus Rauchhaus
Group Director North America, Poclain

The French-owned company, located at 1300 Grandview Parkway in the Village of Yorkville, Wis., recently completed a $20 million expansion project that increased the production area by almost 60 percent. The expansion added several positions to its facility, provided work to about 100 tradesmen from Wisconsin companies, and positioned the company for future growth.

“From its first location in Racine County to this most recent expansion, we are pleased to witness Poclain Hydraulic’s continued growth and investment in our community.”

Doug Nelson
Board President, Village of Yorkville

The company started in Racine County as a sales office, followed by the creation of a warehouse to store products from Europe, and eventually began assembling and manufacturing products. Due to a strong machinery market in the agricultural and construction industries, Poclain secured increased market share and new sales, requiring the company to add more manufacturing capacity.

The need for expansion was sparked by a jointly developed product between Poclain and one of its clients. The product required production capacity to be increased as well as significant space for assembly. With this expansion, Poclain, which currently employs 250, expects to add 30 new jobs over the next three years.

RCEDC’s staff assisted the company in securing a tax credit award from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to facilitate continued growth at the facility.

“RCEDC is proud to partner with and assist in the expansion project of organizations like Poclain. When we’re able to assist growing companies Racine County, it helps create opportunities for everyone in the community.”

Laura Million
Business Development Manager, RCEDC

RCEDC and its partners provide Racine County businesses with almost every service needed to complete an expansion, relocation, or financing project. They have also helped create and implement the Greater Racine County initiative to help attract, retain and develop talent across Racine County.

RCEDC’s work with Poclain Hydraulics is an excellent example of one of the many ways RCEDC supports business investment and growth in Racine County.

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