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Summit Employer Panel

by Jeremy Williamson

Following the June 6 Greater Racine County (GRC) Talent Summit, an important theme resonated throughout Racine County, the need for local businesses to attract, retain and develop talent. RCEDC (Racine County Economic Development Corporation) and Racine County teamed up to highlight specific areas of concern at a Summit Employer Panel, opened to the public.

This event was part of the RCEDC Leadership Council meeting held July 9 at Gateway Technical College in Racine, and included the following panelists and topics.


Amanda Falvey, Human Resources Director, BRP

Lisa Fiorita, Human Resources Director, DeltaHawk

advocate aurora

Melissa O’Neill, Vice President of Human Resources, Advocate Aurora


  • Harness your success story. Whether you are a start-up or established company, it is important to share what makes you unique.
  • “A day in the life of” job shadowing experiences offer potential candidates a fuller picture of the organization and job.
  • Job fairs bring in a diverse group of candidates and offer opportunities for extending same-day offers.
  • Tap into area programs to build your future workforce. DeltaHawk Engines is coordinating with Racine Unified School District to establish early training programs to expose high school students to aviation careers.
  • Recruit for core competencies that fit well within the organization. Hire the right person rather than hire for a specific position.
  • Offer employee referral bonuses.


  • Total rewards are important, but money is not the only thing that attracts candidates and retains employees.
  • Turnover is costly. Make sure your existing employees know they are valued.
  • Focus on the total employee experience by providing personal and professional development and considering options for flexible work schedules.
  • Benefits are not one-size-fits-all. Employees have different needs. A la carte options are a way to help companies differentiate themselves, even by offering pet insurance.


  • Be clear on your business’s mission and culture.
  • Minimize the approval process with decision made by new hires. This will enhance trust.
  • Leverage your existing employees to share your story. Ask your existing employees to share why they like working for your company.
  • Share your employees’ stories in the recruitment process. Your existing employees are great advocates for your organization.


Visit jobs.greaterracinecounty.com and create a company profile for your organization. From there you can highlight unique aspects of your company, post job openings and recruit the right talent to fill your needs. The service is free and is part of the Greater Racine County initiative in partnership with RCEDC and Racine County.

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