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Talent Pathway Planning

Maximize your internal career growth

by Jeremy Williamson

do not overlook the importance of internal career growth!

About the Event

Companies often unintentionally give preference to external candidates while overlooking internal talent. Investing time and energy in developing tools like career paths that encourage internal growth is one great way to help support talented employees.

This workshop takes a holistic approach to meet both the needs of the individual as well as the needs of the organization.

From an individual perspective, participants will learn what drives their needs in a job and work environment. The session will also examine how organizations can identify talent pathway opportunities to create a culture of growth for staff.

This workshop is SHRM accredited.

Completion of the hours of this workshop will count for Professional Development Credits for SHRM recertification.

Event Details

Meet Traci Austin

Traci Austin, is a certified HR professional with two decades of experience building HR departments from the ground up for small businesses. Her mission is to create the container for every employee, if they choose, to be fulfilled in their work while meeting business outcomes. She does this through employee development and engagement, performance consulting, training facilitation and coaching HR professionals.

event takeaways

talent pathways for the individual

Individual Takeaways

Organizational Takeaways

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