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Why residential, hospitality developers choose Racine County

by Jeremy Williamson

Location, workforce and increasing value

Discover the dynamic future of commercial development in Racine County through three remarkable projects that epitomize innovation and prosperity. The Avenue at Belle City Square introduces a new era with 180 elegant apartments and 25,000 sq ft of retail space. Hotel Verdant in Racine redefines luxury with 120 opulent rooms and 10,000 sq ft of versatile event areas. Meanwhile, Home2Suites by Hilton in the Village of Sturtevant offers 90 inviting suites and expansive communal spaces across 65,000 sq ft.

Totaling 390 rooms and spanning over 100,000 sq ft, these developments signify Racine County’s commitment to growth and excellence. Now, commercial developers have a golden opportunity to contribute to this thriving landscape. Racine County boasts strategic location, strong communities, and a business-friendly atmosphere that nurtures success. Join hands with us at the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) to unlock the untapped potential of this region.

Seize the chance to shape the future while enjoying substantial returns. Choose Racine County as your canvas for innovative projects. Your vision, combined with RCEDC’s unwavering support, will cultivate a prosperous tomorrow. Invest in Racine County today and be part of a transformative journey. Together, we can build a thriving legacy.


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