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BLP celebrates small business development via #RLFWeek 2022

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Racine County, WI – The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) celebrates #RLFWeek each year to recognize the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program as well as highlight the small businesses that utilize it. Business Lending Partners (BLP) has been administering the RLF program throughout Racine County for many years. The program provides our business community with another option for financing major purchases (i.e. land, buildings, equipment, etc.).

Below is a list of recent projects as well as a few stories about some of the projects. To learn more about RLFs or learn how to take your next step in accessing an RLF, please contact one of our staff members here.

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Recent RLF News

Paul Sanchez's entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he founded Righteous Autos Inc., an auto repair and sales business that began in a one-car garage near Downtown Racine.

Burlington, WI - The Royal Canine is a unique self-service dog washing boutique that opened in October 2023 in downtown Burlington. Andora Byrne, its owner, is a true animal lover and wanted to provide dog owners with a convenient alternative…

Sturtevant, WI – Bolstered by the acquisition of three loans from RCEDC and the receipt of a Sturtevant grant, M&J Krueger Trucking has been able to sustain growth and development at its current location.

In 2020, amidst the economic challenges resulting from the pandemic, the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) was charged with administering the CARES Act Recovery Assistance. The program was designed to provide a wide-range of financial assistance to communities, like Racine County, to help recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

On Saturday, December 4th, Tom and Sue Haman celebrated the grand opening of their new Culver’s location on Douglas Avenue, across from O&H Danish Bakery and Starbucks.

Dan Gallagher started Mybread Bakery with a mission to provide gluten-free breads that are safe for those with food allergies, but not compromise taste or quality. Three years later, Gallagher relocated from Chicago to Racine - with help from the Racine County Economic Development Corporation - and expanded operations by renting a larger space, purchasing better machinery, and hiring additional employees.

Two Racine County businesses saw the ZERO Loan Program as an opportunity to improve operations - the City of Racine’s Pawstar and the Village of Union Grove’s Graphic Sign Shop.

Welcome to the second of three Business Growth Solutions presentations. This presentation will help small business owners and commercial lenders in Racine County understand the benefits of utilizing RCEDC's community loan and grant programs.

RCEDC’s most recent Zero Loan Program recipients, Terri and Michael Bannon, owners of Razor Sharp Fitness, used the funds to purchase new fitness equipment, which they anticipate will increase memberships and alleviate the effects from the pandemic.

Darius Szczekocki, president of Hestia Heat Treat in Racine, will use a $100,000 pandemic recovery loan to purchase new equipment to seek more work with automotive industry clients.

When Low Daily Brewery owners, Tim and Claire Sullivan moved from the Pacific Northwest to Burlington, RCEDC provided development assistance in a variety of capacities, including local and state incentive as well as an SBA 504 loan for building renovations and equipment purchasing.

The City of Burlington and RCEDC have been partnering on economic and community development projects since the early 1990’s. Through this team effort, the City has been able to site a new business park, reclaim its riverfront for higher value development, retain its historic character of the downtown, assist growing businesses, and attract new business and development.



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