As a 501(c)3 focused on spurring economic development, RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and provide employment opportunities in Racine County. Our staff provides businesses with services needed to complete expansion, relocation, financing, and talent recruitment projects.

RCEDC’s financial and technical support is provided by our dedicated staff through:


There are currently no available positions. Check back soon to view career opportunities at the Racine County Economic Development Corporation!

economic development specialist

The Economic Development Specialist, as a key member of the Business Recruitment and Expansion (BRE) team, works closely with the Deputy Director and the Business Recruitment Specialist to facilitate business investment and job creation in Racine County.


The Economic Development Specialist conducts outreach to Racine County businesses to understand business needs and connects them with financial, technical and talent resources to grow their business. The Economic Development Specialist works with local municipalities to implement community development projects, including but not limited to community promotion, program development, business engagement, and placemaking initiatives.


The Economic Development Specialist serves as RCEDC’s talent expert, staying informed about workforce trends and engaging with RCEDC’s educational and workforce partners to develop and promote tactics that attract, develop, and retain talent in Racine County. A few essential responsibilities and duties include:

loan closer rcedc blp

loan closer

The Loan Closer prepares all loan closings and ensures that RCEDC is operating all loan programs within the required program regulations. This position reports to RCEDC’s Business Finance Manager.

Some essential duties and responsibilities include:
loan closer rcedc blp

credit analyst

The Credit Analyst will focus on loan pre-processing, loan servicing, and compliance matters. Additionally, the Credit Analyst will support the Loan Officers in processing full loan applications and servicing the assigned portfolio of loans.

Some essential duties and responsibilities include:

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