Why Racine

Located in the fast-growing industrial corridor between Milwaukee and Chicago along I-94, Racine County is experiencing unprecedented growth. Legacy companies and new businesses are expanding and creating jobs. In addition to $736 million in projects assisted by RCEDC between 2017 and 2020, $870 million of investment is underway across the County.

Companies are investing and creating jobs in multitude of industries. 

Largest Employment Sectors





Location Advantages

Racine County celebrates its manufacturing heritage, rich farmland, beautiful beaches, and distinctive architecture. Abundant business development opportunities are available across the community in downtowns and business parks, including over 1,000 acres of development-ready land.
  • Low Real Estate Cost and a favorable tax environment
  • Less Than an Hour from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport
  • 30 Minutes from Milwaukee’s General Michell International Airport
  • Wisconsin Manufacturing tax credit: Effective 0.4% corporate income tax rate
  • Over $214 million invested in preparing next generation Wisconsin workers

RCEDC’s staff supports business growth through our financial, talent recruitment, and technical assistance resources.

Data Center

RCEDC has accumulated comprehensive Racine County data to prove why Racine County is an excellent location for your business. We provide all the facts for your company, ensuring that you have the best and most up-to-date information available in your decision-making process.


RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and by supporting business expansions, provide employment opportunities to Racine County residents. Over the last three years the RCEDC staff assisted 72 projects that, when completed, will result in 1,000’s of new full time jobs, and will substantially boost local property tax revenues. Your investment allows RCEDC staff to continue these positive efforts.


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