RCEDC and our partners provide Racine County, Wisconsin, businesses with almost every service needed to complete an expansion, relocation, financing, or workforce development project. Our dedicated staff is committed to meeting the needs of Racine County businesses and companies interested in expanding or locating in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor.

Why Racine?

Why Racine County?

Racine County Wisconsin is a community of 192,000 in the heart of the Chicago-Milwaukee MegaCity.  For business, we provide the support for success: a lucrative customer base and market opportunities; local technology and talent and professional networks and associations.  Racine County provides access to one of the largest markets in the world while offering a lower cost of doing business.

Recent Projects

Lavelle Headquarters

Lavelle Industries

Lavelle Industries Inc. recently announced the expansion of its Burlington and Whitewater...

Atmosphere Collaborative Space

As the modern business landscape continues to change, demand for co-working spaces...

Jacquet Midwest Land Purchase and Expansion

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Jacquet is a service-oriented stainless steel and nickel...

Larkman Construction Comes to Racine County

Larkman Construction, a utility excavating company from the Milwaukee area, has purchased...