Talent Resources

Racine County’s central location, provides local businesses access to quality talent from across Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Attracting and retaining a quality workforce is key to the success of our local business community. For over 35 years RCEDC has worked closely with Racine County and our local communities to facilitate business growth and development.

For more information and assistance, contact RCEDC’s Economic Development Specialist:

    Coordinated Programs

    RCEDC and our partners maintain a variety of coordinated resources and programs designed to support businesses’ talent attraction, retention, and development efforts.

    Labor Force

    Approximately 1 million workers within a 45-minute drive time.

    Higher Education

    24 technical schools, colleges and universities with 125,000 students enrolled each year.

    Workforce Partners

    Strategic plan led by Racine County leverages government, education, and business expertise to meet existing and future talent needs.


    RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and by supporting business expansions, provide employment opportunities to Racine County residents. In 2023, RCEDC staff were able to facilitate 64 projects that included comprehensive site selection, loans, grants, and incentives resulting in $1.36 billion in private investment and $1.05 billion in new construction.











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