RCEDC's RLF Program Helps Entrepreneur Expand and Purchase Her Healthcare Business

City of Racine, WI – Priscella K. White, a seasoned healthcare professional, started her business, Above & Beyond Adult Family Home (Above & Beyond), in 2011. The business was established to provide full-time care for elderly individuals with disabilities.

From its humble beginnings in 2011, Above & Beyond has grown from a single location in a leased facility to Priscella now owning three business locations in the City of Racine.

Through hard work and determination, Priscella has purchased each of her leased facilities including the original location where her business was first launched. This facility was recently acquired with the help of RCEDC and Town Bank. Priscella had heard about low-interest, low-down payment programs and decided to contact RCEDC for assistance.

With help from RCEDC, Priscella was approved for a $73,000 loan from the City of Racine’s Revolving Loan Fund and a second loan from Town Bank for $125,000 totaling 90% of the cost to purchase the property. By utilizing RCEDC’s RLF programs, Priscella was able to reduce her down payment to 10%.

I express my gratitude to RCEDC for their patient support and valuable guidance during the acquisition of the property. This purchase marks a significant milestone in my journey as a business owner, and RCEDC’s consistent communication throughout the entire process made me feel at ease.
Priscella K. White owner of Above & Beyond Adult Family Home
For more information about how the RLF programs can help your business, contact one of our financing experts.


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