While many residents choose to live and work in Racine County, our location between two major employment centers, Milwaukee and Chicago, mean that many live outside of Racine County and commute in to work. Similarly, many residents call Racine County home, but choose to commute outside of the county for work.

Commuting is easy thanks to Racine County’s proximity to Milwaukee and Chicago, as well as its access to four major highways, two major interstates, Amtrak passenger rail services and air services.

Largest Employment Sectors






    In order to attract and retain talent in the region, coordinated resources and programs were designed to connect business with local talent, as well as  support businesses talent development and training goals.

    Approximately 1 million workers within a 45-minute drive time.

    24 technical schools, colleges and universities with 125,000 students enrolled each year.

    Strategic plan led by Racine County leverages government, education, and business expertise to meet existing and future talent needs.


    RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and by supporting business expansions, provide employment opportunities to Racine County residents. Over the last three years the RCEDC staff assisted 72 projects that, when completed, will result in 1,000’s of new full time jobs, and will substantially boost local property tax revenues. Your investment allows RCEDC staff to continue these positive efforts.


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