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Create A Culture of Employee Engagement

by Jeremy Williamson

about the event

During this session, you will learn why engagement matters. Disengaged employees cost US companies more than $450 billion in productivity losses annually.

 Join RCEDC, RAMAC and Living As A Leader for this in-depth conversation as we uncover the importance of engagement and how you can assess and increase engagement levels at your company.

Registration includes breakfast.

about the speaker

Aleta Norris is an expert leadership coach and trainer with 30 years of experience developing leaders. She is also a highly sought-after speaker for annual meetings, keynote engagements, panel discussions and networking groups.

In 2002, Nancy and Aleta co-founded Living As A Leader® to support the effectiveness of leaders at all levels of an organization. Today, Aleta oversees Living As A Leader’s sales and marketing activities, as well as the launch of the company’s new Living As A Leader Online services.

aleta norris
Additional Expertise:
  • Contributing author on the topic of leadership for various publications
  • Co-authored the Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series and System
  • Earned MS in organizational science and adult education, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Co-author of Live As A Leader: Inspiration and Tools to Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Life
  • Best-selling author of Women Who Spark: 12 Steps to Catapult Happiness, Cultivate Confidence, and Discover the Purpose of Your Life
  • Best-selling author of Women Who Spark After 50: Inspiration to Reinvent and Reignite Your Life for the Second Half.

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