Local & State Incentives

Companies that consider relocating, or expanding in Racine County have access to a diverse range of incentives to encourage business growth, investment and job creation. Racine County Economic Corporation (RCEDC) works with companies interested in a Racine County location to access incentive assistance to make their project a success in our community.

Availability of incentives is determined by:

  • Project location
  • Capital investment
  • Job creation

For more information and assistance: 


    Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

    For projects located in a Tax Increment District (TID), the municipality may choose to provide an incentive equal to a portion of the taxable property value added as a result of a project. Job creation and capital investment are considered by the community when determining level of assistance. RCEDC’s staff can assist you in determining if sites under consideration are located in a TID.

    Tax Reinvestment Program (TRIP)

    For projects located outside of a TID, the Tax Reinvestment Program (TRIP) may be used to provide an incentive equal to the municipal portion of the taxable property value added as a result of a project. Job creation and capital investment are considered by the community when determining level of assistance.

    Low Interest Financing

    Business Lending Partners (BLP), a division of RCEDC, specializes in processing and servicing a variety of loan programs in Racine County. BLP is committed to business growth and community development by providing alternative financing options.

    State Corporate Income Tax Rate Comparison

    Wisconsin’s Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit essentially eliminates the tax on qualified income from manufacturing activity in the state by providing a 7.5% credit on corporate income*. The current state tax on corporate income is 7.9%. This credit is direct and non-competitive. Note: The credit is a percentage of “eligible qualified production activities income.”

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    Sources: (1)Tax Foundation, (2) State Sales Tax Institute

    Development Tax Credits

    Business Development Tax Credits supports job creation, capital investment, training and the location or retention of corporate headquarters by providing companies with refundable tax credits that can help to reduce their Wisconsin state income tax liability or provide a refund. RCEDC provides technical assistance to existing and companies relocating to Racine County to complete applications for business development tax credits. The program is administered by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

    Recent Business Lending Partners News

    Laura Million has been named RCEDC's Deputy Director and Thomas Van Gent has been named BLP's Senior Loan Officer.

    January 2021 SBA 504 Rates

    business growth solutions A SERIES DEVELOPED TO HELP SMALL BUSINESSES GROW The Business Growth Solutions Series is a 3-part video educational experience designed for small business owners, commercial lenders, real estate professionals and anyone in a position to help Wisconsin businesses…

    Start In Wisconsin is the premier network for local businesses. For owners and startups, Start In Wisconsin will power connections to start, scale and accelerate area entrepreneurs. For the established resource network, Start In Wisconsin will be a platform to provide best fit referrals, build your network, and to showcase the story of entrepreneurship in our region.

    November 2020 SBA 504 Rates

    Darius Szczekocki, president of Hestia Heat Treat in Racine, will use a $100,000 pandemic recovery loan to purchase new equipment to seek more work with automotive industry clients.

    Case High School graduate and Milwaukee Brewers former draft pick, Lee Jaramillo now owns Northterra Real Estate Group. Jaramillo recently used RCEDC's High Impact Revolving Loan Fund for interim financing to construct the new O&H Danish Bakery on the corner of Douglas Avenue and 4 Mile Rd.

    The City of Racine houses many businesses in a variety of industries, serving its residents and the surrounding communities. However, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic were severe and required creative, flexible solutions to ensure the retention of these valuable assets in the City.

    When Low Daily Brewery owners, Tim and Claire Sullivan moved from the Pacific Northwest to Burlington, RCEDC provided development assistance in a variety of capacities, including local and state incentive as well as an SBA 504 loan for building renovations and equipment purchasing.

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) visited the Village of Mount Pleasant’s O&H Bakery on Wednesday to award owner, Eric Oleson the 2020 Jeffrey Butland Wisconsin Family-Owned Business of the Year.

    In this edition of the Quarterly BLP Update, you will learn more about the SBA 504 Program, hear from businesses and banking partners who benefited from our programs, and discover the community loans and grant relief programs we’ve been administering to local businesses.

    https://vimeo.com/422823310 Community State Bank Senior Vice President, Steve Donovan and Market President, Nick Borth interview President of ATW Miller Group LLC, Todd Miller and Business Finance Manager of Business Lending Partners, Carolyn Engel to discuss SBA lending options for your…


    RCEDC’s mission is to grow Racine County’s property tax base and by supporting business expansions, provide employment opportunities to Racine County residents. Over the last three years the RCEDC staff assisted 72 projects that, when completed, will result in 1,000’s of new full time jobs, and will substantially boost local property tax revenues. Your investment allows RCEDC staff to continue these positive efforts.


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