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Greater Racine County Talent Recruitment Reaches Target Audiences

by Jeremy Williamson

Racine County, WI – Racine County businesses are expanding, business parks are bustling with newly constructed speculative buildings, and the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park construction is underway. To meet the current and future talent needs of local businesses, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) launched a new talent recruitment program. This new talent recruitment effort is intended to complement existing workforce resources available in Racine County.

“As you can imagine, the talent issue is dear to me given the impact it will have on our local businesses,” Racine County Executive, Jonathan Delagrave said at the 2019 RCEDC Annual Meeting. “I recognize we need to do more to address the current and future talent needs of our employers.”

Following the launch of the Greater Racine County website (www.GreaterRacineCounty.com), which was created and funded by RCEDC, Real Racine and Racine County, a digital campaign was developed to reach specific talent for industry categories such as advanced manufacturing, healthcare and STEM.

Racine County’s talent needs are not unique, so how can RCEDC make a positive difference for local employers? By taking advantage of other successful talent recruitment initiatives, including the multi-million-dollar campaign funded by Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), launched in 2018. The WEDC campaign was built on feedback from Midwestern millennials surveyed on their willingness to relocate to Wisconsin for a better work/life balance.

“By customizing WEDC’s collateral materials for Racine County’s benefit, we are reaching professionals who want a rewarding career and have a desire to stretch their housing dollars, reduce their commute and make sure their work/life balance is real,” said Kate Walker, Talent Recruitment Specialist at RCEDC.

“Anyone who takes the time to compare our [Racine County] housing costs or commute times to northern Illinois will quickly see the advantages we offer. Furthermore, we fully understand job opportunities attract talent and Racine County employers have great opportunities. Our legacy employers as well as those recently recruited to Racine County posted their profiles and jobs on the Greater Racine County job board. We are taking those postings and pushing them to the talent they may not reach on their own.”

Digital advertising proved to be the most efficient way to reach the talent most likely to relocate. With funding from Real Racine, a digital campaign was launched in July 2019. Professionally produced and relevant content is delivered to the identified, targeted audience through social media, online display and Google AdWords.

Since its launch in July, the results are higher than industry standards as well as WEDC’s campaign. This confirms the right audience is reached and the content is relevant.

Walker says the employers participating in the Greater Racine County initiative have given nothing but positive feedback and are eager to help in any way to make a positive difference. Walker also shares weekly analytics and feedback from the social media channels.

RCEDC and Real Racine will launch the next step in its partnership in early 2020. This next step will capture the captive, tourist audience visiting Racine County and deliver information of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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