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Burlington’s Nestle plant remodeling for cookie dough products

by Jeremy Williamson

Opened in 1966, the Nestlé plant at 637 S. Pine St., Burlington, makes candy bars, but soon will shift to producing refrigerated cookie dough as part of a $70 million expansion and retooling.

BURLINGTON — After a half-century of chocolate production, the Nestlé plant in Burlington has begun a transformation from candy to cookie dough products.

Work has started inside the plant at 637 S. Pine St. to retool the operation, in what Nestlé officials have called the plant’s biggest makeover since production began here in 1966.

City officials have issued a building permit for an estimated $24 million worth of interior demolition and expansion at the plant to allow the changeover to a new product line centered on Nestlé’s popular refrigerated cookie dough.

A construction team led by Appleton-based Boldt Co. is working inside the company’s 45-acre complex in Burlington.

City Building Inspector Gregory Guidry said he has visited the construction site several times in recent days, and he has seen extensive renovation work in progress.

Referring to an area where work is taking place inside the plant, Guidry said: “They just gutted the whole thing. It’s wide open.”

Boldt project manager Josh Juedes said the plant retooling has gotten off to a good start.

“We just got started,” Juedes said. “We’ve got a long way to go.”



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    Lance W. Luedtke February 21, 2024 - 8:56 am

    Mary’s folks (Balnor and Helen Nelson) opened the Dairy Queen (1964 retired 1971). She graduated from BHS in 1962. Were met the summer of 1963 / were married 1967 until her death July 2023. Burlington / many wonderful
    memories . . . .


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