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RCEDC works closely with our communities and development partners to facilitate new
development on priority sites.

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Housing is much more than a shelter to occupants, for the most part, housing is the largest investment local residents make in the community. It provides connectivity to our surroundings creating social pockets through neighborhoods, as well as provides a statistical element of the local economy. New housing and development will play a crucial part in Racine county’s future ability to maintain sufficient levels of municipal services.

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Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation plays a crucial role in the economic vitality of Racine County. To assist in putting together goals, policies, objectives, and programs to help guide the future development of all transportation types and systems, it is imperative that housing plans support a range of transportation choices and provide an integrated, efficient, and economical transportation system that allows mobility, convenience, and safety that meets the needs of all citizens, including those who are transit-dependent and disabled. Whether discussing commuting or shipping, transportation and infrastructure are vital to any development. Racine County has access to a variety of transportation modes either in the county or the surrounding region.


Public and private utilities are a crucial aspect of any development. Utilities include electricity, natural gas, telephone, cable, water, sanitary sewer, stormwater management, internet, cell coverage, solid waste, and recycling. Future technological developments and moves to capitalize on the integration of these technologies as “early adopters” will increase levels of connectivity and access to data that will contribute to the relevance of Racine County.