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Art Below Zero Expands to Meet Demand

by Jeremy Williamson

FRANKSVILLE, WI — Owned by entrepreneurial couple Jeanne and Max Zuleta, Art Below Zero was established in 1998. Prior to establishing Art Below, Venezuelan Master Ice Sculptor, Max, was previously the owner of Esculturas en Hielo in Venezuela before moving to the United States.

The 2011 Guinness World Record holder acts as the Designer, Innovator, and Studio Director of the business, while U.S. Navy Veteran, Jeanne, is the financial and sales force behind the operation, along with being the co-creator in design technique and systems.

art below zero

In 2012, the Zuleta duo relocated from Illinois to Yorkville, Wisconsin. Since then, the business has outgrown its current space with the increased ice cube demand.

Art Below is currently operating within a 2,400 SF site and the freezers take up 336 SF alone! By working within this space, they have grown, even having to turn down customers during peak season. With the construction of the BLP (Business Lending Partners) approved 5,400 SF site, Art Below will be better equipped to meet increased demand. Their main function of business is producing a variety of ice sculptures.

With this expansion, Art Below will be able to expand more into the ice sphere market, a niche market in the ice sculpting industry, which are in high demand having become quite popular in the ‘high-end’ setting.

BLP, the financial division of RCEDC, partnered with Community State Bank to help with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan that allowed the company to grow and expand their business. The low-interest, fixed rate loan services provided by BLP assisted with the development of this business expansion, allowing Art Below to increase its capacity at a location tailored to their business demands. The partnership between BLP and Community State bank will allow this business to grow creating three new jobs.

The owners hope to make the business open for tours in the future for school groups and other community organizations to see what Art Below offers. The artistry is fascinating and the company has built a strong reputation for its quality products.

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